Getting Married at Seattle City Hall on December 9th

City Hall, 600 4th Ave.
December 9th 10 a.m to 5 p.m.
Join us to celebrate on City Hall Plaza

On December 6th, same-sex couples in Washington State will be able to apply for and legally receive a marriage license for the first time in state history. On Dec. 9th, after the required 3-day waiting period, couples who received their licenses on the 6th and RSVPd in advance will be able to have their wedding ceremonies. Seattle City Hall will be opened to welcome those who would like to get married in the grand lobby that day, along with their family and friends. Local judges have volunteered to officiate the weddings, and artists are working to create beautiful displays in front of which couples can take their vows. Community members will be celebrating on City Hall Plaza – please join us to help make this moment extra special for the couples who are getting married.

In order to be married at Seattle City Hall on December 9th, couples must get a marriage license on Dec. 6th and MUST have RSVPd on our website while registration was still open. Unfortunately we have had to close RSVPs. We are limited by space in City Hall, so we are only able to serve 140 couples. Our original plan would have accommodated only 80, but when we saw the demand, we were able to find room for more wedding locations in City Hall and increase to 140.