Seattle Channel Coverage of December 9

On Dec. 9, it became legal for same-sex couples to wed in Washington State. Seattle Channel Producer Jeff Gentes takes a look at this historic event. From the lines around the courthouse to get a marriage license, to the 138 couples who tied the knot at a big City Hall bash, the Seattle Channel looks at what this new law means to all residents of Washington State.

Sunday’s Celebration

It’s been a few days since the last couple left the marriage celebrations on City Hall and we’ve been working to compile and post photographs, video and news stories, which just keep coming.  Explore some of the amazing pictures and videos that were taken during the event or read the news and media page, where we’ve collected stories, photos and observations of the event from twitter, blogs, and the web.

For couples, families friends and supporters who attended, please feel free to share links to your own galleries in the comments.


Our public Flickr pool – Crowdsourced photographic highlights of the event

Comprehensive photo collections – For people looking for the perfect picture, we posted all images taken by City Staff and volunteer Brody Willis.


Couple cam videos – Wedding day messages to friends and family, and reflections on the historic day

News & Media

We’ve collected some of the reaction to Sunday’s incredible event.

Hear from the Couples

As part of its day-long coverage of yesterday’s historic weddings at City Hall, the Seattle Channel made an area available in the reception room for newly married couples to tell their stories and deliver live messages to loved ones who couldn’t make the trip to Seattle. All day, couples sat down in front of the cameras to share their feelings and thoughts on the historic occasion of their own weddings, and what those weddings mean to our society.

34 of those videos can be viewed at a website the Channel has set up.

Overheard on the Couple Cam

Seattle Channel staff in action

All day long, the Seattle Channel has been collecting stories from newly wedded couples. Here are a few comments we’ve heard from these 100% legal new married spouses.

“Gracias Seattle; Gracias a todos.”

“I hope some of the folks in Pullman are watching.”

“Hi Mom and Dad!”

“We came up from Portland to get married in Seattle: here we are! When we’ve overturned DOMA, that’s the end of our journey.”

The Couple Cam will keep rolling as long as the weddings continue. Just watch the reception cam on our watch live page. The Seattle Channel will be posting these videos on their website.

City Hall Ready to Go; The Weddings Begin

Seattle City Hall is in the midst of an historic and highly unusual transformation. Today is the first day that same sex couples can wed in the State of Washington. Couples, volunteers, media and government officials are starting to appear inside and around the building. Very soon the first of these weddings will take place, and the proceedings will go on for some seven hours until every one of the couples has been married. Demand was so high that the courts were opened on a Sunday to make room for the overflow.

In preparation for the festivities, local artists Jennifer Zeyl and Celeste Cooning, with help from city staff, are decking out the building’s large lobby to make decorations for some 140 planned weddings. The decorations consist of several self-contained areas that will act as individual “chapels” within the lobby space. Couples will be wed in these temporary installations, and then exit the building down the staircase to City Hall plaza.
The public is invited to join in the festivities at City Hall plaza, on Fourth avenue between Cherry and James streets from 10 AM to 5 PM. There will be food, coffee, and the chance to witness history.

Celebrate Marriage at City Hall This Sunday

One hundred and forty weddings are scheduled to take place this Sunday at City Hall. Come join the celebration at City Hall Plaza from 10 AM to 5 PM, on Fourth Avenue downtown between James and Cherry streets.

Congratulate and admire the newlyweds coming down the steps from City Hall and enjoy food trucks, coffee and festivities. Don’t miss this historic day in Seattle!

Please note: In order to be married at Seattle City Hall on December 9th, couples must get a marriage license on Dec. 6th and MUST have RSVPd on our website while registration was still open. Unfortunately we have had to close RSVPs. We are limited by space in City Hall, so we are only able to serve 140 couples. Our original plan would have accommodated only 80, but when we saw the demand, we were able to find room for more wedding locations in City Hall and increase to 140.