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The Last Couple Has Left the Building!

Steve Azzola and James South, the last couple to leave City Hall tonight after a historic day of weddings.

Getting married at City Hall today with more than 100 couples, wasn’t in the plan for Steve Azzola and James South. They had initially wanted to have their wedding next year, with nice weather. Tonight, on a rainy evening in Seattle, they became a part of history, as the very last couple to exit City Hall after a historic day of ceremonies and weddings.

The couple met six years ago as colleagues at Century Link. When James saw the announcement of ceremonies to be taken place at City Hall this weekend, he convinced Steve that this was the right thing for them.

“I thought it was crazy at first,” says Steve. “Then the more I thought about it, the more I’d realized that it was really cool to be a part of Washington state history.”

The couple says they are thrilled to have friends and family support them, and showing up without much warning. Some family members drove up all the way from Snohomish to witness today’s ceremony. Steve and James began notifying loved ones of their plans a week ago, starting Friday.

Now, as a legally married couple, they said they feel validated and wishes all the couples who helped make history with them, a joyous day and life of love and happiness.

Steve Azzola and James South with their wedding party, family and friends.

City of Seattle staff applauding Steve and James, the last couple to exit City Hall.


Steve Azzola and James South , the last couple to exit today’s ceremonies, descend the stairs at City Hall onto 4th Avenue, to an awaiting crowd of applause and celebration.

Mayor Michael McGinn, opening the door for Steve Azzola and James South, the last couple to exit City Hall.

Hey, Mister Piano Man

The reception for all of today’s ceremonies, was held in the Bertha Knight Landes Room at City Hall. This evening the room was serenaded by Ray Allan, a pianist, who volunteered his time.

Ray Allan at the piano, serenades the reception room this evening.

“It’s just an amazing, amazing moment,” he says. “I wish these couples everything, perfect equality, perfect balance. This is a moment that feels like real, positive change. I just started crying after seeing the first couple get married when I got here.”

Thank you for your music, talent, and time Ray!

Love and the Florist

Mike Lamb and Justin Lamb got married today at City Hall. Justin (right) is a florist and designed all the flowers for the couple’s ceremony.




















When a florist falls in love, expect the flowers at the wedding to be divine.

Inspired by Pinterest boards, Justin Lamb and Mike Lamb, chose a lavender and cream palette for their nuptials and wedding party. Justin is a florist and event planner by profession.

They have been together for 6.5 years, and Wednesday night, stood in line at midnight to get their marriage certificate. Wednesday evening was also Justin’s birthday, and more than 150 people sang Happy Birthday to him as they waited in line.

Tonight, Justin and Mike are surrounded by loved ones and a beautiful assortment of floral arrangements designed by Justin for their wedding.

The bridesmaid bouquets by Justin.

Justin and Mike Lamb and their bridal party. All flowers designed by Justin.



A closeup of the boutonniere of Justin Lamb, a florist and event planner by profession, who got married today at City Hall.

A closeup of the boutonniere of a groomsman.










Share Your Photos

140 weddings taking place at the same time are sure to generate some great pictures. Please share your photos with each other and us. Pictures of brides and grooms getting ready, family, dresses, suits etc are all welcome, as well as your great images from city hall. There are two ways to send us your photos.

Email your images to sharephotos@seattle.gov and we will post them to our blog and flickr account. Please include your names and stories if you’re ok with us sharing them!

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If you don’t already have a Flickr account, you can sign into flickr for free with an existing Yahoo, Google, or Facebook account. Watch Sunday’s Celebrations events online

Seattle Channel live streaming

You can follow the day’s progress by watching livestreams of City Hall lobby and of the procession of new married couples exiting City Hall towards the plaza.

Married in Seattle blog

We will collect stories and photos from the event and post them to our blog. Follow along to hear stories from happy couples and their family and friends.

News and Social Media

Sunday’s event is expected to draw an unusually high level of media attention. We’re going to collect reactions from across the Internet–from folks here in Seattle to those watching the historic day from afar.


We have twitter feeds at the homepage of Married.Seattle.gov displaying tweets from the Seattle event and from elsewhere in the State. If you plan to tweet, be sure to use the hash tag “MEdayWA.”

In Person

City Hall Plaza

Join the celebration at City Hall Plaza, which is below the staircase on the Fourth Avenue side of City Hall. Newly married couples will be exiting the building into the plaza. Food truck vendors will be on hand and family, friends and supporters are encouraged to celebrate with us.

Seattle City Hall
10 AM – 5:30 PM, Sunday December 9
600 Fourth Ave 2nd Floor
Seattle, WA 98104

Love Wins CelebrationLove Wins at the Paramount

After the wedding celebrations, join us at the Paramount for a wedding reception for all from 6–10 pm. There will be live entertainment, deserts and toasts!

Paramount Theatre
6 PM – 10 PM, Sunday December 9
901 Pine Street
Seattle, WA 98101