Celebrate Marriage at City Hall This Sunday

One hundred and forty weddings are scheduled to take place this Sunday at City Hall. Come join the celebration at City Hall Plaza from 10 AM to 5 PM, on Fourth Avenue downtown between James and Cherry streets.

Congratulate and admire the newlyweds coming down the steps from City Hall and enjoy food trucks, coffee and festivities. Don’t miss this historic day in Seattle!

Please note: In order to be married at Seattle City Hall on December 9th, couples must get a marriage license on Dec. 6th and MUST have RSVPd on our website while registration was still open. Unfortunately we have had to close RSVPs. We are limited by space in City Hall, so we are only able to serve 140 couples. Our original plan would have accommodated only 80, but when we saw the demand, we were able to find room for more wedding locations in City Hall and increase to 140.

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