Cupcakes and white cut paper art

Cupcakes from Cupcake Royale await the newlyweds in Bertha Knight Landes (but only the newlyweds — please take note, hungry bloggers).

City Hall is joyfully abuzz this Sunday morning, as volunteers bustle and media people wander around documenting the transformation of the Bertha Knight Landes room into a celebratory banquet hall. People from real media outlets aim enormous cameras at tiny little cupcakes, (thoughtfully provided by Cupcake Royale), “Married at City Hall” signs, and stripes of artistically cut white paper decorations prepared by local artists Jennifer Zeyl and Celeste Cooning and their team. They’re just warming up for the real stars, of course, who will show up in about 40 minutes — the 140 couples coming to be married in the Grand Lobby.

The feeling is nervous and happy — couples are gathering outside on the sidewalk and we want everything to be perfect for them.

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