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Romantic City HallStarting at 10, you can follow the weddings online at

The fun really started in November, when Referendum 74 was approved and marked the first time in state history that same-sex couples could apply for and legally receive a marriage license in Washington state.

Since midnight December 6, King County has issued an unprecedented 623 marriage licenses.

142 weddings will take place today at City Hall. Each ceremony is expected to take about 15 minutes. Then couples are invited to Bertha Knight Landes to celebrate.

We’ve told couples to expect to wait outside for 15 minutes, inside for 15 minutes, and then start their ceremony. These are, of course, wild guesses. But we’ll try not to keep gorgeously (or otherwise) costumed souls out on the sidewalk on 5th Avenue for one moment longer than necessary.

Oooooh, I just heard it’s starting! So exciting!

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