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140 weddings taking place at the same time are sure to generate some great pictures. Please share your photos with each other and us. Pictures of brides and grooms getting ready, family, dresses, suits etc are all welcome, as well as your great images from city hall. There are two ways to send us your photos.

Email your images to and we will post them to our blog and flickr account. Please include your names and stories if you’re ok with us sharing them!

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We have also set up a Flickr group to capture wedding photos, at
To share your photos, click “Join this Group” at the top of the page. Once you have joined, an “Add Photos” link will appear at the top of the page.

If you don’t already have a Flickr account, you can sign into flickr for free with an existing Yahoo, Google, or Facebook account. Watch Sunday’s Celebrations events online

Seattle Channel live streaming

You can follow the day’s progress by watching livestreams of City Hall lobby and of the procession of new married couples exiting City Hall towards the plaza.

Married in Seattle blog

We will collect stories and photos from the event and post them to our blog. Follow along to hear stories from happy couples and their family and friends.

News and Social Media

Sunday’s event is expected to draw an unusually high level of media attention. We’re going to collect reactions from across the Internet–from folks here in Seattle to those watching the historic day from afar.


We have twitter feeds at the homepage of displaying tweets from the Seattle event and from elsewhere in the State. If you plan to tweet, be sure to use the hash tag “MEdayWA.”

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