Photographs and feasting

Over in the Northwest corner of Bertha Knight Landes, couples can pose for professional photographs.

Our heartfelt thanks go out the seven photographers who donated time, including Dani Weiss Photography, George Bakan & Friends Photo Booth, Jennifer Richard Photography, KLDstudio, and Jenny Jimenez of Rathbone Images.

And for feeding the happy couples, our thanks go out to: Bizzarro Italian, Café Vita, City Grind, Coca-Cola, Cupcake Royale, Dry Soda, and Rachel’s Ginger Beer.

Also, two food trucks are parked in front of the Fourth Avenue Plaza: Crisp Creperie and Monte Cristo Gourmet Grilled Cheese & Mobile Melts. Head on down there and celebrate your first real meal as a married couple!

Great news! I just heard that our hashtag #MEDayWA is now the No. 5 trending topic in the entire country! It was on KIRO so it must be true.


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