Sequins and leis

It’s great to see the many varied outfits. We’ll get you pictures shortly, but for now, let me just comment on snappy white suits, lavender ties, leis, sequins, lace and huge smiles.

Each couple can collect a box of cupcakes in BKL (and these are full size).

Other businesses helping out today include Choke Shirt Company, Connors & Co., Emerald City Fence Rentals, Fleurish, Hyatt at Olive and 8th, iClick, OneReel, PCC Natural Markets, Rosanna, Inc., and Triumph Expo & Events. These busines donated commemorative pens, supplies and decorations.

Half of one couple just told me she and her partner had random strangers at craft shops and convenience stores asking if they were happy over the past few days. We’re sure there was no intention to start Relationship Appraisals behind these questions. Another way of saying, We all wish you well!

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