It’s kind of a big deal (apologies to Vice President Biden)

Today’s ceremonies continue until 5pm. From what I’m hearing, it sounds like a lot of couples are going on to private receptions or celebrations of their own.

Overheard: “There’s just too much emotion, over and over, I have to go home.”

That’s the truth, what a emotional day, for so many people who’ve waited so long for this moment. It’s a real privilege for City Hall to play host to these history-making events. Thanks to all the couples who chose to come here today.

And thanks to local artists and their teams, Jennifer Zeyl and Celeste Cooning, who created temporary art installations to provide a beautiful location for each couple’s big moment.

Overheard:”Can I please just get ONE picture of you NOT crying?”

More on outfits

I don’t mean to be obsessed with what people are wearing, but really, the range is very striking. I just saw a beautiful pair of brides in traditional white floor-length wedding dresses, low-cut backs and artful white satin ties drawing every eye in the room.

Then there are the bright striped sweaters and converse high-tops people, the black satin elegant people, the Uggs people — it’s so great to see people getting to be their own true selves.

Many variations of corsage, and I can see that people have been coached in how to hold them, so they aren’t photographed waving them around wildly, like certain City of Seattle bloggers I could mention.

Cupcake gift boxes for newlyweds

The range of ages here is beautiful too. I’ve seen babies in arms, toddlers in perfect little suits, angel girls in some kind of floaty gauzy fabric, and a gentleman who appears to be in some sort of full-dress Scottish outfit. I’m sure there’s a correct name for that.

Current musical choice: “If I fall in love/it will be forever…” No pressure, though, newlyweds, besides we know many of you have already been together for 6, 16, 26 and more years. Now that it’s happening, it seems crazy that it took so long, doesn’t it?

Action shots

Overheard: “What’s a gay marriage without a little tissue?” “It’ll be posted on Facebook as an action shot.”

Two-thirds of the couples being married today are women, one-third men.  16 judges volunteered to perform ceremonies.

I’m now seeing many couples in Referendum 74 campaign t-shirts. Wow, this is really beautiful.

Mayor McGinn is over at the Recognition Table (I’m not sure if that’s really what it’s called) where couples can pick up signed certificates of Recognition of their marriage, nicely embossed.

Skies are grey but it feels like sunshine on the steps of City Hall.


Photographs and feasting

Over in the Northwest corner of Bertha Knight Landes, couples can pose for professional photographs.

Our heartfelt thanks go out the seven photographers who donated time, including Dani Weiss Photography, George Bakan & Friends Photo Booth, Jennifer Richard Photography, KLDstudio, and Jenny Jimenez of Rathbone Images.

And for feeding the happy couples, our thanks go out to: Bizzarro Italian, Café Vita, City Grind, Coca-Cola, Cupcake Royale, Dry Soda, and Rachel’s Ginger Beer.

Also, two food trucks are parked in front of the Fourth Avenue Plaza: Crisp Creperie and Monte Cristo Gourmet Grilled Cheese & Mobile Melts. Head on down there and celebrate your first real meal as a married couple!

Great news! I just heard that our hashtag #MEDayWA is now the No. 5 trending topic in the entire country! It was on KIRO so it must be true.


Sequins and leis

It’s great to see the many varied outfits. We’ll get you pictures shortly, but for now, let me just comment on snappy white suits, lavender ties, leis, sequins, lace and huge smiles.

Each couple can collect a box of cupcakes in BKL (and these are full size).

Other businesses helping out today include Choke Shirt Company, Connors & Co., Emerald City Fence Rentals, Fleurish, Hyatt at Olive and 8th, iClick, OneReel, PCC Natural Markets, Rosanna, Inc., and Triumph Expo & Events. These busines donated commemorative pens, supplies and decorations.

Half of one couple just told me she and her partner had random strangers at craft shops and convenience stores asking if they were happy over the past few days. We’re sure there was no intention to start Relationship Appraisals behind these questions. Another way of saying, We all wish you well!

Yep, it’s a wedding day

Cheers erupt on the Grand Lobby as a couple in white suits recite vows. There are too many media people for me to get close but I do hear “I vow to love and protect you” and it’s obvious that it was the right decision not to wear mascara today.

Babies are screaming and squirming, elderly relatives are demanding what just happened, people of both sexes are wiping their eyes — it’s definitely a wedding day!